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Anonymous Asked: your a fucking fag and i wish you'd get off of here

i’m working on it 

Anonymous Asked: you were really nice..what happened?

good question.. 

Anonymous Asked: you dont deserve savannah! she deserves so much better than you and you know it

i know i dont, i know exactly what she deserves and its far better than me 

Anonymous Asked: i bet you cheated on everyone of the people you've dated

i’ve never cheated so 

Anonymous Asked: you arent dating anyone because you're a fag asshole jerk and no one wants to date you

why do you guys think i dont know this? 

Anonymous Asked: you're never here anymore..why?

 like you really care!

Anonymous Asked: change your thing you arent dating anyone

i dont even…creeper..O.o

Anonymous Asked: ur an ass

like i didnt already know that. 

Anonymous Asked: you and savannah dont talk anymore whatz up

…why do you even care? are you one of us? no so if you dont mind me saying, stay the fuck out of it.